Erma Anderson Consulting
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Erma Anderson has worked with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) as Director of International Programs.  With NSTA, Ms. Anderson worked closely on a number of projects including Project Manager of the Scope, Sequence and Coordination of Secondary School Science.  Other projects with NSTA include the Teacher Center professional development project, the development of sciLINKS, the Mathematics Science partnership eMentoring project.

Prior to her work with NSTA, Ms. Anderson was an Einstein Fellow in the U.S. Senate and was a Legislative Assistant in the office of Senator Arlen Specter. 

Ms. Anderson has served as a Senior Program Officer with the National Research Council assisting with the development of the National Science Educations Standards.  She has worked as a consultant for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Project 2061, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, BEST (Building Engineering and Science Talent), the Biotechnology Institute, High School Redesign project, Modern Red Schoolhouse Institute, and America's Choice.

Ms. Anderson was Assistance Project Director of the Council for Basic Education's Schools Around the World ( project, facilitated the development of several state and district science and mathematics curriculum frameworks, and consulted with ACHIEVE in international benchmarking of science standards.  She worked with Education Trust to review the alignment of state exit standards to college entrance exams and in the evaluation of teacher education exams (Report entitled Not Good Enough). 

In addition to all of her projects above, Ms. Anderson has considerable experience developing and facilitating workshops with formal and informal mathematics and science education entities such as Kidsnet, Science Friday, Jason Academy, Education Field Studies, National Institute of Medicine, United States Forestry Service, National Park Service, and school districts throughout the United States.

Currently, Ms. Anderson is a science/mathematics consultant with the Office of Overseas Schools AERO project.  She is a consultant for Vkidz, and institution dedicated to improving education through pioneering the use of technology to apply time-proven education techniques in new ways.

In her work overseas, Ms. Anderson consults for Near East South Asia (NESA) Council of Overseas Schools.  Some of the overseas schools are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Amman, Greece, Lisbon, Portugal, Bangkok, Tunis, Lebanon, Beruit, Muscat, Qatar, Italy, and France.

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